I read Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins two years ago I think, and it was not my favorite due to so much second hand embarrassment for the main character. Thankfully I didn’t feel the same way about Into the Water, though I still didn’t love it. It’s about a small town that has a river running through it that has a history of connecting everyone somehow and drawing people to it. I did like the stories of the “drowning pool” and the background it told with links to witchcraft or as one character said it, how it was a way to deal with women who were trouble. My issue however lay in that there were so many characters that regardless of how much character development there was I still never felt connected to any one person. I addition kept forgetting who was who. Now I didn’t by any means hate the book, but I also didn’t look forward to reading it. I probably could have stopped reading 50 pages from the end and still not have been curious how it was going to wrap up. Overall it just fell a little short in my eyes.

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