Book 5: The Secret Place by Tana French 

The Secret Place by Tana French is a detective novel about a dead boy found at an all girls boarding school. It begins in the detective’s point of view; Holly, a girl from the school, brings him a clue a year after the murder. The book jumps back and forth from his point of view to Holly and her friends. The girls’ sections start before the murder and meets in the middle with the detective’s. I enjoyed this book a lot. It felt like such a perfectly thought out book, every detail so intentional. Part of me wished this had been a book club book so I could discuss every little nuance with people. I’m definitely itching to read more by Tana French.

Book 4: Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

 I read Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins two years ago I think, and it was not my favorite due to so much second hand embarrassment for the main character. Thankfully I didn’t feel the same way about Into the Water, though I still didn’t love it. It’s about a small town that has a river running through it that has a history of connecting everyone somehow and drawing people to it. I did like the stories of the “drowning pool” and the background it told with links to witchcraft or as one character said it, how it was a way to deal with women who were trouble. My issue however lay in that there were so many characters that regardless of how much character development there was I still never felt connected to any one person. I addition kept forgetting who was who. Now I didn’t by any means hate the book, but I also didn’t look forward to reading it. I probably could have stopped reading 50 pages from the end and still not have been curious how it was going to wrap up. Overall it just fell a little short in my eyes.