Book 16: After Visiting Friends by Michael Hainey 

I was really excited to read After Visiting Friends by Michael Hainey, which I stumbled upon purely by luck but trusted it would be good because it was an NPR best book of 2013. While I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I mean thoroughly, I really wish I had read it a week or so earlier because I started the day before my brain decided it could no longer focus on anything. Anyway, I finally finished it and hopefully finished my weird brain set along with it. Overall this was a lovely memoir about a man searching for answers regarding his father’s death decades before. It beautifully illustrated not just tricky family dynamics and how even as grown people we still may as well be 10 years old around our parents, but also the bond and solidarity and almost secret society life of news paper workers in the 60’s. In the end he found the answers he was searching for, some he wasn’t, and the answers to who his father was as a man and someone he never really got to know while he was alive. Michael Hainey really summed his personal journey perfectly when in the final pages he said something along the lines of how in his search for understanding his father, he found his mother.