Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’m not nearly as far behind in reading as it seems I am.

I got back to nonfiction with Whip Smart as book four, which was a book that had many more layers to it than I had originally assumed. Melissa Febos writes about the handful of years she was a dominatrix in New York City, but it’s only about that on a basic level. While she does, in detail, explain sessions with her clients (which were hard to get through at times while sick with the flu), the book as a whole was more so about the strength, and willpower, and fortitude hiding within ourselves. She touched on the effects money has on us all, as well as how it’s possible to grow and overcome with each misstep made in life by understanding why they were made in the first place. Her writing style has an easy conversational type of flow that is like hanging out with an incredibly intelligent close friend, and also has moments of beautiful illusions and spot on metaphors which have a way of making you feel oddly connected to her. I enjoyed this book for be insightful and eye opening in all the not obvious ways.

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