So I finished this book days ago but I’m real lazy it turns out and have been putting off actually taking ten mins out of my suuuper busy life to write this review.

Byrd by Kim Church is fiction, which isn’t something I read all to often, but I really loved this book. Base line it’s the story of a girl named Addie who reconnects with the boy she loved growing up; she ends up pregnant and gives the baby up for adoption. She writes letters to her child all through her pregnancy and her son’s life, which I felt really added an extra layer of something special to the book. But also it’s a story about the people with a connection to her, even if it isn’t a direct one. All throughout the book it switches perspective between all the people. Every detail included, seemingly minor or not, was absolutely perfect. The story was effortless, honest, and heartbreaking, filled with the awfulness of real life sprinkled with it’s moments of beauty. The flow of Kim Church’s writing sucks you in and without realizing it you’ve read 40 pages in what’s felt like brief moments. I am very glad I decided, after months of owning this book, to finally pick it up and give it a try. It was incredibly enjoyable.

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