Book 3: Byrd by Kim Church

So I finished this book days ago but I’m real lazy it turns out and have been putting off actually taking ten mins out of my suuuper busy life to write this review.

Byrd by Kim Church is fiction, which isn’t something I read all to often, but I really loved this book. Base line it’s the story of a girl named Addie who reconnects with the boy she loved growing up; she ends up pregnant and gives the baby up for adoption. She writes letters to her child all through her pregnancy and her son’s life, which I felt really added an extra layer of something special to the book. But also it’s a story about the people with a connection to her, even if it isn’t a direct one. All throughout the book it switches perspective between all the people. Every detail included, seemingly minor or not, was absolutely perfect. The story was effortless, honest, and heartbreaking, filled with the awfulness of real life sprinkled with it’s moments of beauty. The flow of Kim Church’s writing sucks you in and without realizing it you’ve read 40 pages in what’s felt like brief moments. I am very glad I decided, after months of owning this book, to finally pick it up and give it a try. It was incredibly enjoyable.

Book 2: Thing’s I’ve Learned From Women Who’ve Dumped Me by Ben Karlin

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I don’t enjoy “fun” or funny things. I don’t watch comedies or sitcoms, in fact they make me slightly anxious. Instead I prefer movies and shows that are dark, moody, and that usually have detective’s solving brutal murders in them. I’m a real ray of sunshine. With all that being said though, I thoroughly enjoyed my oddball book number two choice. Thing’s I’ve Learned From Women Who’ve Dumped Me by Ben Karlin is a collection of essays from various comedians, writers, and so on about women and the ending of their relationships with them. It was funny, and not just supposed to be funny but actually giggle to yourself funny. After book number one, having a book I was excited to pick up from the second I had to put it down was a nice treat. It was plain and simple, pretty damn enjoyable. I found it to be overall a quick, light potato chip kind of read but at the same time very endearing and real.

Book 1: Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

Book number 1 for 2015 was not a book I wanted to read ever. I read it purely because I was handed a free copy. I hated it before I even started it, and honesty after reading it I was in no way surprised by it because I still hated it. Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham is a easy read, but because she herself (just like the character she wrote and then played on Girls) is mind numbingly self absorbed it was like pulling teeth to get through. There were brief moments I mildly enjoyed, maybe one paragraph per 20 pages, but in my mind that simply wasn’t worth the brain space I wasted on it. She reminded me of a high school art student who talked a lot about shock value and thought they were God’s gift to the population because they were so unique but in reality they were just a watered down caricature of a subculture that basically has never not existed. It’s as if on every page she is screaming “listen to me, listen to me”, desperate for attention, but in a backwards pretentious way. Major chunks of the book made me incredibly uncomfortable, not because of the content but instead because I felt pretty sure she was lying through her teeth as a ploy to be seen as enlightened over the average American. Lena Dunham is supposedly the voice of our generation, and if God forbid that is true I will happily sink further into my reclusive hole just to escape the type of deranged assholes who idolizes her. End rant.


In 2014 I read 50 books and was insanely proud of myself for completing my resolution and not giving up despite how hard it was towards the end. Something I had wished I would have done in conjunction to just reading those books, was writing a little bit about them and just my general thoughts on them after their completion. So I have decided for 2015 I will read 52 books and blog along the way. Ready or not 2015, here I come.